This is a list of random things that happened while I wasn’t on the internet (and I haven’t been on the internet for a while)

- I love english summers, it is 23oC and cloudy and there’s a slight wind. LOVELY! Don’t ever change.

- My gent is spending the month, it feels very bitter sweet though to know that he’s leaving in a couple of weeks. 

- I’ve been doing more sightseeing touristy things as I got 10 days off work (explains my absence off the internet in general), I don’t really understand people that live in cities and have never been just because they can go any time. C’mon… I know you can go anytime, but why don’t you go now?

- I haven’t felt like throwing anyone in front of the tube for a while, even though I have shoved a couple of people out of the way when they decide to stand right at the bottom/top escalators. I think I’ll never get over this.

- I can’t, I JUST can’t stand standing on the escalator waiting for it to reach the top/bottom. It’s like the most pointless thing I can think of. 

- I finally got a new pair of glasses. My mother was more excited about this than I was. 

- We went to the Zoo with a tiny human and it did not cry a single time! (And it’s mommy wasn’t even there!) AND this still doesn’t make me want to have tiny humans of my own! 

- I swear I’ll start my other blog soon. I’m just sooooo good at procrastinating… 

- I’ve realised that I spend 70% of my income on food. Good thing that my  pay isn’t that bad. I’m now trying to figure out where we’re going out tonight to eat… :3

- I was asked to cat a kitty the other day. so it wouldn’t run out the door and I just couldn’t do it. I freaked out, the thought of toughing it had shivers running down my back. I think this happened because I’m really allergic to them and it was my body trying to protect me. BUT STILL it was so weird! 

- I climbed the hill in Greenwich park the other day all the way up to the observatory. It isn’t that steep of a hill BUT at the end I felt like I was going to need an inhaler… Need to get back to (ahahah as if I actually ever started) exercising. 

- My back pain has almost gone away, having my gent here helps because he’ll rub my back every time I ask him too. Never leave please me AND my back need you! 

- Getting mail is the single bestest thing ever and everything that isn’t a bill is welcome! 

- We tried to watch Spring Breakers the other night. It was so terribly bad we had to cut it short. Still watched 40min of it. How do movies like this even get the money to be made?! 

- I got cutlery thrown at me the other day at a pub by a waitress who was clearly having a terrific day… I think the restaurant people love their jobs as much as retail employees do. No tip for you! 

-We’re going out for din din tonight, I hope this is what my gent is doing in a couple of hours: 

I honestly think people should AT LEAST once a month dress up for an occasion, even if it is just to go for dinner. 

- I shall never buy ballerina flats from zara again. After having butchered my feet for the first couple of times I wore them, they now fly of my feet and I’m walking around at the risk of becoming Cinderella at any given moment. They’re poorly made. 

This is how interesting my life is. You are welcome! 

Please come into my life. We’ll be very very happy. I promise.
(via LEATHER ANKLE BOOT WITH BUCKLES - Shoes - Woman | ZARA United Kingdom)

Please come into my life. We’ll be very very happy. I promise.

(via LEATHER ANKLE BOOT WITH BUCKLES - Shoes - Woman | ZARA United Kingdom)

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