Monthly things #3

Making: Plans to spend every sunny weekend out and about to absorb all the vitamin D possible to see if this is all just a case of winter blues. 
Cooking: I swear I tried to make paleo something but being a bad cook shows more when you’re trying to make healthy food…
Drinking: Lemonade. It’s apparently my to go drink now when I don’t want sweetened drinks. Also makes me do all these funny faces.  
Reading: “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, it’s possibly one of the best books I’ve read since I’ve been a fully functioning (who am I kidding…) grown-up.
Wanting: To not get sick again. I had a fever this month and it wasn’t fun. I get sicker in the hotter weather than I do in the winter in this country.
Looking: For new places to eat. We always end up in the same (good) places.
Wasting: Time on cock ups. Damn attention span of a 2 year old. 
Sewing: I actually took a coat, to put buttons on, to a seamstress… I don’t even own a needle and thread… How pathetic is that? Don’t tell my mother.
Wishing: I’ve given up on that for a while now.
Enjoying: Full tub baths. 
Waiting: For this damn internship to end. 
Needing: For everyone to catch a break. It really is true when you say: don’t be harsh on other people because you don’t know what they’re going through. 
Smelling: Nothing, freakin’ hey fever… 
Wearing: Less layers and therefor getting sick because I’m worse than the leg bearing women at NYFW in the snow.
Noticing: That I haven’t watched a good movie in a long time. Correction, those kind of movies like for instance “The Beginners” that are just so appealing and tender and you just give into them. Any suggestions? *UPDATE* I watched “The Family” and it was a nice surprise, and finally watched “About Time” and it was so so so so so lovely. And “Frozen” too.  
Feeling: All the feelings. At once. 

I cut it short this month. 2014 has been such a bastard. 

Effing daylight savings… And obviously it’s pissing down rain too.

The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you
Neil deGrasse Tyson (via e-ffusion)


I have seen the first photo a lot on tumblr and I thought I would tell you guys the story behind this house. Since I could remember this house has always been pink. It is a block away from my mothers job and my siblings and I were always amazed by it. A pink house in park slope. Beautiful.
Anyway the house was painted pink by a man who’s wife had lost her fight to breast cancer in honor of her. When he painted it pink as you could assume many people on the block were upset. Because it diminished the value property of the area.
The women in the first photo is Solange, Beyonce’s sister. I remember when she did the photoshoot there. My brother and I saw her on my way to see my mother and stopped to watch.
In the second photo is the house a week ago from today. Sadly the man died and the community took no time to repaint the house back to it’s original color which broke my heart.


special treat! doggy donuts 


special treat! doggy donuts 

I opened facebook this morning and scrolled past 5 different people being so cheerful it was so annoying, I closed it right away before I got infected. It’s still too early and I haven’t had coffee yet, everyone needs to go away.

My work days shift from boring as hell to “goddammit I have so much shit to do”.

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